ROMANCE OF THE RAILWAYS is aimed at laymen and seeks to convey the author’s feelings of romance and nostalgia for the railways. It contains a lot of anecdotes and information about every aspect of the railways. Chapter 1 – Evolution discusses the various aspects of the evolution of Railways with particular reference to India. Chapter 2 - Fascinating Facts contains facts about the railways which are inspiring, funny, sad, bizarre or even macabre. Chapter 3 - Good Old Days is about the history of railways in the world and in India. Chapter 4 - People talks about British pioneers, pioneers in India, famous people and raiways and some known and unknown persons of Indian Railways. Indian Railways has the second largest network in the world and the film industry in India makes the highest number of films in the world. Chapter 5 - Train songs is about the songs in many Hindi and a few Tamil films where the railways play an important role. Chapter 6 - This and That is about a variety of things ranging from art, literature, poetry, western music, museums, stamps, quotations and humour - all focusing on railways. In Epilogue, the author narrates some of his memorable train journeys.

S.Parthasarathy, the author is a railway officer with wide-ranging experience in Indian Railways, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Khadi & Village Industries Commission and Railway Claims Tribunal. He is a self-confessed addict of Carnatic music, Cryptic crosswords and Computers. He is also the author of 108 Divya Ragams (Appreciating the Beauty of Carnatic music -2004 ) and 108 Cine Ragams (Carnatic music in Tamil Films – 2005).

The book contains about 115 pages and is priced at Rs. 100/- per copy. It can be purchased from the publisher by sending e-mail to or letter to
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