An Affectionate Teacher

I was happy to read in Mylapore Times that the children and grandchildren of Shri C.Srinivasan, former teacher of the P.S.High School are celebrating his 100th birthday.

I was a student of Shri C.Srinivasan during the years 1940 to 1942. He was my class teacher in the Third Form (VIII standard). I remember his dark face and his namam. He was very fond of me and used to take special interest in my studies and guide me as my father was also in the education field. My father was R.V.Krishna Aiyar, well-known authority in parliamentary law. At that time my father was the Special secretary to Madras Government for education and public health. Shri C.Srinivasan would never punish any student and had a knack of making the erring student submit to his directions. Though fond of me, he wrote in my progress report that I was ‘childish and playful’. He knew my father well and used to visit our house and discuss with my father. After leaving the school I visited him in his house at Vedachala Gardens to seek his blessings. He was overjoyed, patted me and said that I represent a great family and would come up well. His words have spurred me.

He used to come to Sadayappa Mudali Street corner shop for purchasing butter. Since my house was opposite the shop, I have had occasions to speak to him. Later I read that his son and the entire family had perished in a building collapse in Calcutta. On hearing the news, I called on him. He was sorry as to why God had punished him. This was the last occasion I met him. I feel that this tragedy had affected him deeply as he passed away within a couple of years.

I shall always remember Shri C.Srinivasan for his affection and the attention that he bestowed on me.

Dr. R.K.Balasubramanian (The author was a student of C.Srinivasan. He studied in P.S.High School from 1936 to 1942. Later he became a lawyer and specialised in Parliamentary Law. He is the Principal Parliamentary Counsel in Chennai.)





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