Those whom the Gods love die young

We came here to play, to have fun and to laugh
And have a roaring good time every day
We chose our path
When it came to making people happy
We said, "Don't tell us 'no.' "

We weren't born to follow the crowd
Why live so normal a life?
Such hum-drum was ho-hum
Boredom, stress and strife
We go to a better world
Please don't say "no."

We had no fear! Let the thunder roar
Let us fly, let us soar
Be happy and make others happy
That was our motto
Someone else can say "no."
Not we, though.

We came here to play, to play like a kid
God made us to drink Him and drink Him we did
We ate and drank other things, too
And when God wanted us, we couldn't say "no."

Oh... If we hurt you along the way...
If our timing fell apart
Or our words broke your heart
If we didn't say we're sorry
We ask you now
"Forgive us."Please don't say "no."

What fun we've had, though
What a ride life has been
Lose and win
Laugh and grin
More smiles than frowns
More ups than downs
We never said "no."

And there's much more to come
So much more to be done
Just beyond the next hill
It beckons us still
We're so excited! We must go see
It waits there as always, so patiently
We must go
We can't say "no."

So, please, let us go. Let go of our hands
No more sighs
We were born to keep moving
Only the two of us
Dry your eyes
But, thanks for the party
Thanks for the show
And, thank you for coming
For not saying "no."

We'll see you all again
When you catch up with us
We'll eat and dance
We'll laugh and sing
Let the bells ring
We shall be together
You'll see us and God
Say "yes." Don't say "no."

We love you all as much as you loved us
We love you all.

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