Issue No. 63                                   May 2021

Celebrating a Century of Special Memories by Parthasarathy (Editor)

Story of Jayam by Parthasarathy (Editor)

The passing away of a mother by Kannan (December 2006)

Images of Paati by Prasad (December 2006)

Remembering my Grandma by Mukund (December 2006)

அம்மா by Chooda (May 2021) - With Audio

Remembering Jaya Paati by Ramesh (May 2021)

அம்மா by Rukmini (as told to Madhu, her son) - With Audio (May 2021)

Amma by Pushpa (December 2006)

My Paati by Shoba (May 2021)

What Amma means to me by Santhanam (May 2021)

Amma- some reflections by Santhanam (December 2006)

Related to every one in a special way by Kausalya (May 2021)

Tribute to Paati by Rahul (December 2006)

Madras Paati, the quintessential grandmother by Radhika (May 2021)

I miss you Paati by Radhika (December 2006)

My Musings on Amma by Amritha (December 2006)

Jaya Akka - A Collage of Memories by Parthasarathy (May 2021)

Memories of Paati by Harish (December 2006)

Jaya paati by Aarthi (May 2021)

Jaya paati by Aarthi (December 2006)

My Dearest Amma by Raghu (May 2021)

அம்மா by Chandra - With Audio (May 2021)

Remembering Paatti by Vidya (December 2006)

My Paati by Nitya (May 2021)

In Memorium by Nitya (December 2006)

Enna Solli Azhaithal Varuvayo by Hema (December 2006)

My Remembrance of Jaya Akka by Raghu (Editor's brother) (December 2006)

A Stay - A Celebration by Urmila (Editor's niece) (December 2006)

A Few Things (Among Many) I Remember About Jayakka by Radha (Editor's niece) (December 2006)

Remembering Jayakka by Usha (Editor's niece) (May 2021)

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