Issue No. 66                                   October 2021

Dear Reader,
Your family Newsletter is back. This issue has three sections. It is hard to believe that 17 years have passed since Gopalan's death. We attended his Srardham today (16-10-2021). The first section (In Memoriam) is in memory of Gopalan. I have reproduced the articles written in October 2004 after his death.

The second section (Fresh writings) contains contributions received for this Newsletter. Santhanam has written an article on 'My experience with three Governors'. The first part of this interesting article appears in this issue. This section also contains the feedback sent by Raghu (Sydney) and Usha on the July 2021 Newsletter.

While going through the archives of the Newsletter, I was pleasantly surprised that more than 100 original articles have been published in the 65 issues of the Family Newsletter. And even more pleasant is the fact that 21 relatives have contributed their writings for the Newsletter. The third section contains the maiden articles of all these relatives. Except Kausalya's article which appeared in The Hindu, all the others were written exclusively for the family Newsletter. I was impressed by the quality of all the articles and I'm sure you will also be impressed. They have been arranged chronologically.

Do enjoy this Newsletter. And please send your feedback by email.

Bye till January 2022.

16th October 2021

On Friendship - A Tribute To Gopalan by Narasimhan

Remembering Gopalan by Raghunathan

Goodbye - Remembering Gopalan, my brother by Parthasarathy

The Gopalan Anna I knew by Amritha

My experience with three Governors - Part - I by Santhanam

Feedback on July 2021 Newsletter by Raghu (Amritha's brother)

Feedback on July 2021 Newsletter by Usha
2000 December - Most Enjoyed in 1999 by S Parthasarathy

2001 September - அன்புள்ள அம்மா, அம்ருதா எழுதியது by Amritha

2001 November - A Lopsided View of the Crisis- One Airline's Struggle by Ram Prasad

2001 December - No Thangamani - Ensoy by Mukund Narasimhan

2001 December - Ramanujam Thatha by Ranjani (Nitya) Raghavan

2002 January - My Statement Of Purpose by Aarthi Parthasarathy

2002 August - Radha Writes by Radha

2002 August - Random notes by Rahul Santhanam

2002 November - Remembering Deepu and Sriram by Santhanam

2002 November - Welcome Changes In Troubled Days by Sudharshan

2002 December - In a web of crime by Kausalya Santhanam

2003 February - The Early Days -I by Kannan (Narasimhan) (Published in July 2021)

2003 March - Down The Memory Lane - I by Gopalan (Published in July 2021)

2004 April - Art Of Living by Usha Murali

2004 June - Summer Camp by Ds (Divya and Deepti)

2004 October - Remembering Gopalan by Raghunathan (Link provided earlier)

2005 February - Planes, Trains And Automobiles - From Bangalore To The Big Apple by Harish Parthasarathy

2006 November - Tribute To My Grandfather On His 98th Birth Anniversary by Urmila Devanathan

2007 December - My remniscences by Vanaja

2009 August - A True Gandhian by N.S.Padmanabhan (Archana's father)

2009 August - Hawaii by Shantha Ranganathan (Vasu)

Special issue for the Centenary of Jayalakshmi Ranganathan (May 2021)

Special issue in memory of Narasimhan (Kannan) (June 2021)

Previous issue (Issue No. 65) of the Family Newsletter (July 2021)

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