His transformation came after a life time of speaking abroad (7)

Post-impressionists affect the value of his collections (11)

Covered cover (9)

Don't ignore the money (4)

Capital includes new model Hilton (5)

Seems in danger of retribution (7)

World is centre first to last (5)

Feeling the need to abandon dead loss (4)

Something worth when arranged (5)

Ouch! Sin corrupted support (7)

Broke rank quietly, but in confusion (8)

Spread traces round junction (7)

Power priest is spot on (8)

Service characters reach suit (9)

Offend a loud forward (7)

Horselaugh sounds negative (5)

Report a European nobleman verbally (7)

Peak first mate before break (7)

It's in character to turn back and be violent (7)

Don't like to be a nuisance about rubbish (7)

Get the boss to let you know how to keep sound contact (9)

Hunted and killed sounding religious (6)

Dips toe uncertainly in something put down (7)

Cold and warmth can be deceptive (5)

Agent for leading French performer (6)

Direction for getting out of Capetown or thereabouts (5)

Getting thirsty right away with unpleasant family (7)

Talk of listeners hidden in dry grass (7)

Dismissed method said to be of more importance (8)

Cast the end away at finding internal passage (6)

Person with power to have words recorded (8)

The whole of what is about to go in (8)

Showed how prince could destry Dover (6)

Transport boy brought up to be a destructive one (6)

Money needed for a school set up (4)

Turn up to support revival (8)

Expert on drink has a breakdown (6,2)

Greek in studio, tap-dancing (4)

Mingled in British Legion initially, then called it a day (7)

Maoist youths embarrassed over a drugs bust (3,6)

Examine opening of standard tin (4)

Object under piece of paper, tiny piece (8)

Protection a pair should have on (5)

Material giving child's bed added weight (6)

Excuse certain to cause amusement (8)

Up on it flying across one is ideal (7)

Testing hearing (6)

Kingsley on church seat (5)

A source of food poisoning in crab I ate, possibly (8)

Alter accounts written by chefs? (9)

Story about head of boxing board (5)

Comfort prisoner on solitary (7)

Senior member longing to support party (5)

Power chief making an earnest appeal (8)

IST (10)

Half the alphabet is very small (4)

Hidden gift for double anagram (6,6)

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