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<-- Pass your mouse over this photo to see Amritha, Harish and I with my friend, Subramaniam in Chittaranjan in 1976.
My Friends


Hello, friend,

Thanks for accompanying me on our journey through my life. Here I shall describe my friends.

I cannot claim a very wide circle of close friends. This maybe since I have never felt very close to any friend. Further, I am not exactly keen to visit people. it is said that God gives us relatives : thank God we can choose our friends. But I have always relied on my relatives at all times of crisis. Maybe since my closest friend is my wife. Still I can claim a few close friends.

- Sneh Bijlani - My batchmate in service iis a wonderful person. I shall always remember my two years of probation due to her and Chawla. -
- Ashok Chawla - Though senior to me due tto his previous army experience, he was my batchmate. We were also together in Vadodara. I have always enjoyed his company.
- N.Parthasarathy - Four years senior to mme and is now Member (Finance) in Department of Telephones. We get along extremely well. He tries to help everybody.
- N.Krishnamoorthy - One year senior to mee , we were together in Chittaranjan. Both he and his wife are our family friends.
- Samar Jha - A brilliant officer with a lliterary bent. I have a lot of admiration for him as well as his wife, who is a very good writer.
- S.Ramasubramanian - My classmate for fiive years in college and now my colleague in Railways in the Signalling &Telecom. department. Both he and his wife are close friends to me and Amritha.
- M.V.Krishnamoorthy - We were together inn Vadodara. Though we have little in common as far as our nature is concerned - he being pious and serious, yet we get along fabulously. My entire family enjoys the company of his entire family, who are settled in Bangalore.
- K.Subramanian - A brilliant programmer iin Autocoder, we were together in Chittaranjan. We were not very closely in touch after he resigned from the railways. But after my posting to Chennai, I have reestablished contact with him. He is working with TCS.
- V.Subramanian - An officer of stores deppartment , we are friends for over 25 years. We were also together in Vadodara and his wife and my wife are also friends.
- Abhay Bhave - We were together in U.K. iin 1989 and got along very well. He is good company and has a taste for good things in life.
- Pattabhi Raman was a close friend in schhool and college. Unfortunately he is no more.
- Jaya Raman and Raj Kumar were my other ffriends from school and the friendship had continued through college. I was happy to meet both in 1992 when we had our class reunion after 25 years.
- Sridhar, my cousin and Santhanam, my broother-in-law have been my friends for over 40 years.
There is a thin line between a close acquaintance and a friend. There are a few other close acquaintances.

Hope you continue your journey with me.

Thanks & Regards,

S. Parthasarathy

Beware Of Your Gunless Friend - An inspirational poem

The dangerous people are not the ones
Who hit you with clubs and rob you with guns!
The thief won't attack your character traits
Or belittle your abilities to your face!
It likely will be a well-meaning friend
Who merely crushes your will to win.

No, he doesn't rob you, at point of gun,
He simply says, "It can't be done."
When pointed to thousands who already are
He smiles and says, "They're superior!"
Personality-wise, and abilities, too,
They're way ahead of what others can do!"

It matters not that his words are untrue
For, you feel "others" must know you!
You're robbed of your hopes,
Robbed of your dreams to succeed.
Robbed of your faith that says, "I can."
And robbed by an ignorant, gunless friend.
So, the deadliest of men is not he with a gun,
But the one who tells you "It can't be done!"
For that taken by burglars can be gotten again.
But, what can replace your will to win?

Author unknown

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