P.S.High School - SSLC 1961 - Golden Jubilee Reunion in 2011
Meetings held & Decisions taken and photographs

The first two photos were taken by M.Rajkumar in the 1st meeting held in Alumni Club on 22-02-2010, the next 7 photos were taken by M.N.Sivakumar in the 4th meeting held in P.S.High School on 5th September 2010 and the last 3 photos were taken by Parthasarathy in the 5th meeting held in P.S.High school on 10th October 2010.

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In Feb. 2010, Mr. Ramji, Managing Trustee of P.S.Charities requested S.Balachandran and S.Parthasarathy to co-ordinate the Reunion of 1961 batch of SSLC batch to be held sometime in January 2011. He arranged from the school, a list of all the 426 SSLC students of 1961 with roll numbers and sections.


The 1st meeting was held on 22-02-2010 in Alumni Club which was hosted by Kailasam and attended by 7 classmates (S.Parthasarathy, S.Balachandar, R.Dhanagopal, R.Jayaraman, C.Kailasam, M.Rajkumar and K.S.Subhramanian). After discussions, it was felt that it would be extremely difficult to contact the classmates of 1961, as no details of their present whereabouts are available. It was then decided that we would try to gather at least 100 classmates for the Reunion. It was also decided to place an ad in Mylapore Times as the first step. It was also decided that everyone will also try to contact as many classmates as possible.

The 2nd meeting was held in 06-05-2010 in Alumni club which was hosted by Kailasam and attended by 7 classmates of 1961 (S.Parthasarathy, S.Balachandar, R.Dhanagopal, C.Kailasam, M.Rajkumar, Satish Bantwal and K.S.Seetharaman) and K.S.Jayaraman of 1960 batch who co-ordinated the Reunion of his batch. K.S.jayaraman said that he and his friends were able to contact more than 100 classmates, of whom about 90 attened the Reunion. He felt that word of mouth is the best way to contact the classmates as ads cost money and do not give desired results. In fact we got just two responses for the ad in Mylapore which cost Rs. 1100/-.

The 3rd meeting was held on 20-06-2010 in the residence of Satish Bantwal who and his wife were gracious hosts. This was attended by 11 classmates of 1961 (S.Parthasarathy, S.Balachandran, R.Dhanagopal, C.Kailasam, Satish Bantwal, K.S.Seetharaman, C.D.Lakshmiah, M.Swaminathan, R.Kasi, D.Krishnaswamy and S.Kannan) and K.S.jayaraman and T.R.Raghavan of 1960 batch.

The 4th meeting was held on 05-09-2010 in the Staff Room in P.S.High School. This was attended by 12 classmates of 1961 (S.Parthasarathy, S.Balachandar, S.G.Balakrishnan, R.Dhanagopal, C.Kailasam, M.Rajkumar, E.B.Sathyanarayanan, Satish Bantwal, K.S.Seetharaman, M.N.Sivakumar, S.Sivaraj and R.K.Sridharan) and K.S.jayaraman of 1960 batch.

The 5th meeting was held on 10-10-2010 in the Staff Room in P.S.High School. This was attended by 15 classmates of 1961.

The 5th meeting was held on 28-11-2010 in the Staff Room in P.S.High School. This was attended by 16 classmates of 1961.

In the six meetings, there were discussions on the programme for the Reunion. The suggestions which were finally found acceptable are
1. Honouring with a Shawl and a Cash Award of Rs. 5000/- each to all those who were teachers in P.S.High School on 31-03-1961 and who are still alive. Since there were 13 such teachers last year, the budget for this item is kept at Rs. 70,000/-

2. Arranging High tea as part of the get-together. The budget for this item is Rs. 15,000/-

3. To bring out a book (Souvenir) containing articles on the school, the teachers as well as 1961 batch. The budget for this item is Rs. 10,000/-.

4. Arranging for photographs/bouquets etc. at a cost not exceeding Rs. 5,000/-

5. Making an endowment of Rs. 1 lakh to the school from the batch of 1961 as a remembrance.

Thus the total budget that was proposed was Rs. 2,00,000/- which would be collected by contributions from all classmates. If any advertisement can be collected for the Souvenir, the same would be kept for future get-togethers.

It was also decided in the third meeting that Parthasarathy shall be President and Balachandar shall be Secretary. It was also decided that no separate Bank account needs to be opened. Parthasarathy was asked to operate one of his accounts.


We have so far been able to contact about 50 classmates. We must try to get at least 80 of our 426 classmates.

We have the addresses of of all those who were teachers in P.S.High School on 31-03-1961 and who are still alive. It was decided in the last meeting that Parthasarathy, Balachandran, Rajkumar, Seetharaman and Sridharan will meet and formally invite the teachers.

We must raise money by contributions from every classmate. As there are only about 30 persons who have attended the meetings so far, each of us can contribute a minimum of Rs. 5000/-. If more classmates cannot be contacted, we can reduce the proposed endowment of Rs. 1 lakh to the extent balance is available. The cheque for Rs. 5000/- (or more) may please be drawn in the name of S.Parthasarathy and given in the next meeting which will be held in the school on 26th Decenber 2010.

We must all start writing/collecting articles/anecdotes etc. The last date for sending these to Parthasarathy is 31st December 2010.

Next meeting will be held in P.S.High School on 26th December 2010 (Sunday) at 4.15 P.M.


5th December 2010


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