Hello everybody,

Though my first Newsletter drew a blank in terms of feedback from Naunet, the second was more successful. There were two prompt feedbacks ( from Jagan and Raghu). This was equal to 200 (a la Rajinikant), which has encouraged me to make one more.

First A HAPPY PONGAL to all those who cannot read the Tamil Greetings above.

Jagan was here on 31st morning and left on 2nd Afternoon. He saw the New Year Eve programmes on TV. I slept on 31st as usual (slightly late at 11.15PM) much to aarthi's annoyance. On 1st, we rented a CD of Alai Payuthe, which was OK. Jagan must now be shivering in Faridabad. Even Mumbai touched 13.8 0 C this year.

Harish has got a promotion as Senior Design Engineer with a raise in salary. Aarthi's NID Entrance Test was on 7th. I have given the paper, from which you may see it was tough. She can't say how she has done. We shall know in March. Her college prelims were over on 12th. The NAURatna that she is, she promptly wrote a letter. Will she get at least an acknowledgment? (Incidentally, Jagan and Aarthi told me that I had awarded NAURatna to Mukund, though I meant Prasad. I confirm that The NAURatna Award for 2000 is to Aarthi and Prasad).

I hope Santhanam or Kausalya or Rahul or Radhika will write about their England trip. Raghu has promised to write a travelogue on his US trip. I am sure we can expect one from Mukund on his Hawaii trip.

Amritha and I saw an English play 'Shirley Valentine'. This was a brilliant play about Shirley who finally gets the courage to break free from her routine and humdrum existence. The play used the original script by Wally which was excellent. What was remarkable was the fact that the entire 90 minutes had only one actress (Mahabhano Navroz Kotwal) and the interest did not slacken even for a minute. I believe it was a successful play in London and Broadway and was also made into a movie. We are going to a Hindi play 'Chanakya'. More of it later. We are also going to Unbreakable the day after tomorrow. More of it also later.

I think the media here went overboard about Stephen Hawking's visit. Bill Clinton and Bill Gates were the only others whose visit evoked more hype. Of course, there was also the cartoons and jokes, like

Why was he not allowed to Chowpatty?

Because it is a NO HAWKING zone.

But it is nice to know that scientists are also recognised.

Even though I don't like crowds, Mahakumbh fascinates me. Maybe I may visit the next one in 2013.

Whatever happened to Prasad?

Bye. Please resolve to write at least one letter every month.



Time Allowed - 1hour 30 min for Q. 1 & 45 min each for Q.2 & 3

1.1 You are given three images in a paper. Use all the three images to complete a human figure in proportion (the top image is a ‘Bindi’ the middle is ‘Bangles’ and the bottom image is ‘Shoes’)

1.2 (a) You are given an object. Study and analyse the object from the point of

i) Function / use (drawing / sketches and words)

ii) Materials (describe in words)

iii) No. of parts (drawing / sketches and words)

This is to be done in the form of 3-dimensional drawings and sketches.

1.2 (b) Draw the given object in enlarged size showing as much details as observed.

1.3(a) Indicate five distinct uses of the same object other than its original or intended use explaining these uses through sketches and descriptions.

(b) Imagine that object is enlarged twenty times and suggest 5 (five) possible uses of the enlarged object.

(c) Use this object to communicate a relevant message to youth in the form of an illustrated poster with a suitable slogan.

Note: Aarthi was given a plastic hair-clip for this exercise.

2. Using only Triangle, Circle and Square, Represent the following emotions






3. You are provided with a set of coloured papers and two sheets of white paper, one with a grid and the other with only an outer line.

Select a theme from the list given below. Use the coloured papers to make a composition which in your view gives the feeling of the theme you have selected. You can use as many colours as you like.

1. Storm

2. Millennium

3. Birthday celebration

4. Bazar/Market

5. Happiness/Sadness

6. Contrast

7. Stars

8. Night

9. Leaf/Leaves

10. Dance

11. Music

12. Forests

13. Sea

14. Wedding

15. Festival of Colours

3 B. Exercise on the paper with the outer line only:

Using the same theme selected by you in the exercise 3A, make a composition which gives the feeling of the theme. You can use as many colours as you like in your composition.


Rough sea music (4,3,4) was the clue last time and the solution is ROCK AND ROLL.

Sorry, No clue this time.


A simple vegetable seller in the USA fell sick one day. He couldn't possibly allow his shop to close so he called his cousin from India. His cousin didn't know a single word of English, so his American cousin taught him three phrases . 'Very very fresh', '99 cents' and 'not today, maybe tomorrow'.

Next day, a woman came to his shop.

The woman asked: How much is the vegetable for?

Indian: 99c

Woman: Is it fresh?

Indian: very, very fresh.

Woman: can I buy it?

Man:not today, maybe tomorrow.

After this, she left.

Then a burglar came to his shop and asked him: How much money do you have?


Burglar: Are you being fresh with me?

Indian: very, very fresh

Burglar: Do you want to die? Indian: Not today, maybe tomorrow.

======== == ===

The class was supposed to be having an english period. But the teacher seemed
to be teaching Hindi. So the principal who was passing by stopped in the
corridor outside the class to listen.

He heard the teacher Mr. Lal , say : " Repeat after me... GADHA, GADHE KE PEECHE GADHA, GADHE KE PEECHE MAIN, AUR , MERE PEECHE DESH. "

The class dutifully and loudly repeated what he had said. The principal stepped in and called Mr. Lal out into the corridor.

" What is going on Mr.Lal?" he asked. " No doubt we are in Bihar and Hindi here is more popular than english. But this was supposed to be an English class."

" And english is what I'm teaching," said the teacher. " My students are weak in spelling. I was showing them how to spell assasination.--
ASS - ASS - I - NATION. sir"

Made by S.Parthasarathy in January 2001.
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