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Hello everyone,

The last few months have been hectic for us and I could not bring out the issue for October 2008. Anyway I am happy to announce the 51st issue of the family Newsletter, which is mainly devoted to the 100th birthday of my father and the first birthday of our granddaughter. Though this Newsletter took me only a few hours, the website on my father's Birth Centenary celebrations took me over 75 hours to create. It has nearly 200 files of which over 30 are Audio files. I had to extract the Audio for each part of the function using Sony Soundforge. All the photos (135 in this Newsleter and 105 in the Birth Centenary website) had to be resized. And 52 html programs were written for the Birth Centenary website. And uploading of these to my home page took nearly three hours. But I enjoyed doing it and I do hope you'd enjoy reading/seeing/listening to them.

Due to lack of time, I have not given Brain Teasers. But here is a teaser for you. Can you guess why Mathew Hayden, Billy Bowden and Anil kumble are on the ground?


Click here if you do not know the answer.

The link to Kausalya's article on the Pyramids is available elsewhere on this page. There is an Easy and a Medium Sudoku at the bottom of this page. All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Crossword Clues and Cryptoquip are there.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it.

MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THESE - As usual, this is the first item and this time contains 24 photos of my father that have been published in the printed version of the Birth Centenary Souvenir .


Click on each photo to see enlarged view

Click on each photo to see enlarged view

Click on each photo to see enlarged view

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*** The biggest news for this Newsletter is the Centenary celebrations of my father as well as the making of the Souvenir containing 38 articles. You can read Radha's report, see photos of all that took place and listen to Urmila's compering, Sathyanarayanan's music and all that happened in the celebrations as well as read 33 articles written by various relatives and others for the Souvenir. The link to the Centenary celebrations is in the Editor's section. If you would like to go straight to the Birth Centenary Website, click on the link below.
Birth Centenary Celebrations of My Father

*** Amritha left for USA on 23rd October 2008 to be in California to celebrate the first birthday of Shubha (our granddaughter) while I stayed back in Chennai to celebrate the 100th Birthday of my father. We are separated for over 2 months after a very long tme. Though it is difficult, I find that I can add another C (Cooking) to my three knwn likings - Carnatic music, Computers and Cryptic crosswords. I enjoy cooking and Aarthi also seems to enjoy my cooking. Fortunately the Centenary celebrations and the making of this Newsletter as well as wesite on the Centenary Celebrations have kept me quite busy.

*** Shubha's Ayush Homam was celebrated on 1st November 2008 and her birthday celebrations on 24th November (Though she was born on 12th, Harish and Archana decided to have the celebration on 24th which happens to be Amritha's birthday). In one of the weekends in November, Sriram and Shubha had their first visit to the zoo (accompanied by their parents and grandparents/grandmother). You can view the photos of all the three occasions by clicking the links in Editor's Section.

*** Aarthi is unable to join us as she was not granted visa by the US consulate. She will be more busy at work when we are away. I am leaving for California on 20th December 2008 and both Amritha and I will be back on 5th March 2009.

*** My sister-in-law, Mrs. Kalyani Raghunathan received an award on Teachers' Day as one of the best teachers of the group of schools for which she works. Newsletter congratulates her. The photograph taken on the occasion is here.

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*** Shrisudan (my brother, Raghu's youngest son) who works for Infosys has gone to Brussels on an assignment for a year. Newsletter congratulates and wishes him all the best in his new assignment.

*** Jayalakshmi'Ranganathan's family members have become globe-trotters. There are three confimed globe-trotters of the family in Raghu, Prasad and Rupal. Last month, the three sons were in three continents (outside India). Kannan and Rajeevi visited Singapore and Malaysia while Santhanam, Kausalya and Radhika visited Egypt and UK. (Raghu is, of course in Australia). On coming back, Kausalya has written an article about the Pyramids titled Magnificence in stone which can be read by clicking here

*** Jagan has been transferred to Chennai. Newsletter wishes him all the best in his new assignment.

*** Ramesh is now in Detroit on an official assignment. Newsletter wishes him all the best. Ramesh and Sunandini celebrated the Grihapravesam of their new house (opposite their present house) in November 2008.

*** Pushpa and her husband continue in USA to assist Shoba and to be with Sriram. So Amritha is able to talk with one sister every day. They have also been meeting frequently. Some photos of Sriram taken in October 2008 are here.

Click on each photo to enlarge

Click on each photo to enlarge

*** Raghu, Chandra, Vidya and Nitya are enthusiastic participators in the activities of Shakti Ashram in Sydney. Some photographs of Vidya and Nitya participating in a Connunity dance in September 2008 are here.

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I hope to publish the next issue in February 2009 from California. Bye till February 2009.


30th November 2008

Birth Centenary Celebrations of My Father

Photos of Shubha's Ayush Homam

Photos of Shubha's 1st Birthday Party

Photos of Shubha's and Sriram's first visit to the zoo

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