VOLUME I OF PHOTOS OF MY TRIP TO UNITED STATES FROM 20TH DECEMBER 2008 TO 3RD MARCH 2009 - Photographs of our trips in San Jose (55 photos)

During our stay with Harish, Archana and Shubha, Harish drove us to a number of places in San Jose - Tech museum of innovation (and IMax theatre), Japanese Garden, Flea market, a number of Indian restaurants and shops and Walmart, Fry's, Long's, Lucky's, Big5, Dollar Tree and many other supermarkets, My cousin Vasu (alias Shantha) who works in INTEL works from home on Wednesdays and Fridays and volunteered to take me and Amritha to a number of places in and around in San Jose on these two days. we went in her car to St.Joseph's Basilica, San Jose museum of art, Emma Prusch farm, Museum of quilts and textiles, Rose garden and Winchester museum in San Jose apart from supermarkets like Costco, Safeway, Home Depot, Target, Bed,Bath & Beyond and many others. There are over 270 photographs of all our trips in USA. Here are the first volume of the photos. You can read the first part of my article Alphabetical tour of USA - I by clicking here

7th March 2009

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