Thirukkarambanoor (Utthamar Koil, Kadhamba Kshetram)
Mulavar : Purushothaman
Thayar : Poorva Devi, Poornavalli
Theertham : Kadhambam
Travel Base: Trichy
Talamaram : Kadhali (Vaazhai)
Vimanam : Udhyoga
Special Information : Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma who are collectively called as "Mum Murthy" are found in this temple. (Kadhambam means mixture of things. Both Shiva and Vishnu are found in the same temple which explains that there should be no difference between Vaishnavas and Saivas and but at the same time they should be devoted in a single minded way. So, this Kshetram is also called "Kadhamba Kshetram".)
Nagalinga Poo (flower), which is one of the famous and rare flower is found here and this is the special flower here to do poojas in this temple.
Azhvaar Mangalaasaasanam (Paasuram number as found in the Naalaayira Divya Prabandham): Thirumangaiaazhvaar - 1399

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As per sthala purana, Shiva plucked out one head of Brahma due to envy . Kapala got stuck to his one hand due to Brahmahatthi dosha, he obtained salvation from this curse when Mahalakshmi gave biksha here. There are separate sannidhis of Brahma, Shiva, Parvati, Saraswathi among others. Lord Shiva is present here with his family in the form of Bhikshadana Moorthy.

Approach : It is located next to Sri Rangam after crossing the Kollidam Bridge in Trichy - Madras Road while coming from Trichy. From here only the road divides into three and one road leads to Musiri, Thuraiyur etc., another leads to Lalgudi, Ariyalur etc., and another leads to Madras. While coming by train you can get down either at Uttamar Koil or at Pichanndar Koil Station. It is hardly around two kilometres from Sri Rangam and 7 kms from Trichy. There are plenty of buses available for this temple. All buses leading to Ariyalur, Lalgudi, Samayapuram, Moovanur, Thuraiyur, Musiri etc., will go to this temple.

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