Thirukkandiyur (Tirumoorthy Kshetram)
Mulavar : Harasabavimosana Perumal, Kamalanathan
Thayar : Kamalavalli Nachiyar
Theertham : Kabalamokshapushkarni, Padma,Kabaala, Kudamurutti
Travel Base: Thanjavur
Vimanam : Kamalaakruthi
Special Information : Near Kandiyoor, there is a small place called "Kalyanapuram" where some special Utsavams are done for Kalyana Venkateswarar.
Azhvaar Mangalaasaasanam (Paasuram number as found in the Naalaayira Divya Prabandham): Thirumangaiaazhvaar - 2050

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As per sthala purana, Shiva plucked out one head of Brahma due to envy. Due to brahmahatthi kapala got stuck to his hand. Lord at this place removed the curse on shiva , hence called Harasapavaimochana Perumal. There are separate temples for Brahma and Shiva within 100 mtrs of each other. There is one idol of Chakkarathazhwan with Sri Nrisimha on the backside. Since this is placed at one corner, it is not possible to have dharshan of Nrisimha.

Architecture : This temple has three tier gopuram and covering a distance of 222 feet in length and 115 feet in breath. It has two praharam. The main deity of both Perumal and Thayar are facing east. The utsar is Kamalanathan.

Approach : It is loacted at around two kilometers from Thiruvaiyaru.

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