Thiru Kudandai (Kumbakonam - Bhaskara Kshetram)
Mulavar : Sakrapani
Thayar : Komalavalli
Theertham : Hemapushkarni(Potramarai), Cauvery
Travel Base: Kumbakonam
Vimanam : Vaidega
Azhvaar Mangalaasaasanam (Paasuram number as found in the Naalaayira Divya Prabandham): Periyaazhvaar - 173, 177, 188
Andaal - 628
Thirumazhisaiaazhvaar - 807-812, 2417
Thirumangaiaazhvaar - 949, 954, 991, 1078, 1202, 1205, 1394, 1526, 1538, 1570, 1606, 1732, 1759, 1853, 1949, 1975, 2010, 2037, 2045, 2068, 2070, 2080, 2672, 2673(72), 2769
Bhoothathaazhvaar - 2251, 2278
Peyaazhvaar - 2311, 2343
Nammaazhvaar - 3310-3320 (5.8.1 - 5.8.11)

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Sriman Nadamuni got back the 4000 Divya Prabhanda which was lost to mankind after he heard the Aara-amude Pasuram (Nammazhwar - Tiruvoimozhi) being sung at this temple.
The Lord here has the pose of Utthanasayee as He got up at the request of Tirumazhisai Azhwar (Kidandavaru ezundiru) and hence called Aravamudha Azhwan as well as Azhwar Tirumazhisaipiran (Piran - Lord).
The temple is constructed in black stones in the form of a chariot. Sri Ramaswami Temple and Chakrapani Temple are important temples in this town. Lord Chakrapani seen with Astabujas (Eight Hands) is considered the younger brother of Lord Aaravamuda. Sri Ramaswami temple is in Pattabhisheka ( Coronation) kolam with Bharata, Shatrugana, Lakshman and seeta along with Anjaneya with Veena. The place is called Kumabakonam as the Amrut Kumbha (vessel) with all material for the creation of this world settled here.
The (Chariot) and the Chitra (April - may) festival are very famous here. A special Prabhanda - Tiruvezhukootrirukkai of Tirumangai Azhwar is entirely composed on this chariot.
The combination of some amsam's (parts) of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu is named as Lord Bhaskara. He has two heads and four hands. Two hands are used by him to pray Lord Shiva whereas the other two hands contain the lotus which represents Godess Mahalakshmi. Her body is of red which is the colour of Lord Shivan and his ornaments are all of blue colour replresenting Mahavishnu. As the powers of lord Shiva and Vishnu are combined here, this place is also called as Bhaskara shethram.