Thiru Vinnagar (Oppiliappan Kovil - Markandeya Kshetram)
Mulavar : Oppiliyappar
Thayar : Boomi Devi
Theertham : Aarthipushkarni, Ahooraathra pushkarni
Travel Base: Kumbakonam
Vimanam : Vishnu, Suthananda
Azhvaar Mangalaasaasanam (Paasuram number as found in the Naalaayira Divya Prabandham): Thirumangaiaazhvaar - 1448-77, 1855, 2080, 2673(71), 2768
Peyaazhvaar - 2342, 2343
Nammaazhvaar - 3365-3375 (6.3.1 - 6.3.11)

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The appearance is similar to that of the Lord of Tirupathy and is considered as His elder brother. Those Unable to go to Tirupathi can do their prarthana here and it is taken as equivalent to prayers offered at Thirupathi.
Whenever Oppiliappa perumal's idol is taken in Procession. He is always accompanied by Bhoomidevi. Perumal wont step out the temple without Thaayar in order to keep his promise.
Markandeya maharishi is seen on the left side of the Lord. As per wishes of the wife of Markandeya the prasad is offered without salt, hence the place is also called Uppilliappan (Lord without salt). It is believed that those who take salt or salted food inside the temple will go to hell.
Monthly Sravana nakshatram and the Aypasi Brahmotsavam are very important days.