Thiru Indhallur
Mulavar : Parimala Ranganathan, Suganthavana nathan
Thayar : Parimala Ranganayaki, Pundareegavalli
Theertham : Indupushkarni
Travel Base: Mayavaram
Vimanam : Vedachakra
Azhvaar Mangalaasaasanam (Paasuram number as found in the Naalaayira Divya Prabandham): Thirumangaiaazhvaar - 1328-1337, 2775

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Indhu means moon. Chandra (which also means moon) who meditated got his curses absolved by Thayar and hence the place is known as Indhalur and Thayar is named Chandrasapavimochanavalli. Sayana Perumal has Chaturbuja. Cauvery matha, Gangamatha can be seen near the head and foot of the Lord. (As Ee promised river Cauvery to increase her status, he made her as his bed at Srirangam, took her as his mother at Thirucherai and here at Thiru Indhaloor, he has taken river Cauvery above his head. Thus gave her the same status as river Ganges who is on the head of Lord Shiva). Adaimuga Snan at Mudavan Muzhukku at the Cauvery delta is considered sacred and devotees from all over India assemble here for the Ayppasi ( Oct-Nov) festival.
Sri Rangam is known as Aadhi Arangam (first) while Thirukudanthai is Maddhiya Arangam (Middle) and Thiru Indhaloor is known as Andhiya Arangam (Last).